Two friends who live thousands of miles apart decided it would be a great idea to write a book in 2020.

~ and they were right.

With Tasnim Chowdhury as the Aussie who drew the illustrations, and Oluwatemilorun Enemuwe the American who wrote the poetry; together they created a spectacular project.

Anti-vaxxers are individuals who are resistant to being vaccinated for a range of reasons. Their reasons for avoiding vaccination can either stem from fear, or derive from their general distrust in the government and their motives. For years, governments and scientific individuals have attempted to eradicate these vaccine fears through the increasing use of authoritative and scientific educational methods but, despite the accuracy and validity of these methods, these attempts have proven to be ineffective and Anti-vaxxers seem to be unaffected by these facts due to their disposition and inclination to believe in conspiracies over facts, and the solidarity…

The misuse of power by a higher authority to suppress individuality and freedom can lead to a rebellion. The novel 1984 (1949) written by George Orwell and film the Metropolis (1927) directed by Fritz Lang explores the dangers of compromising the rights of freedom and individuality through the perspectives and values of the protagonists in different contexts. Social inequality and oppression of the lower class in a futuristic city leads to an uprising; and a strict totalitarian regime that suppresses the human identity leading to a personal rebellion.

The rise of fascist leaders such as Stalin exposed Orwell to oppressive…

I’ve been too upset to create a coherent essay. I edited a video instead just to sum up all of my thoughts and feelings about this matter in a more succinct and impactful way. I’ve also included resources below on ways you can help.



ON JULY 7TH 2020: A day of solidarity where no single POC person spends a SINGLE dollar in the US economy. This includes African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics,… ALL POC. That is 10,684, 931,506.80 DOLLARS that the US economy will lose…

The Creature Gazing into a Pool.” Artist: Lynd Ward



Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein explores the individual’s place in the wider social and natural worlds through the protagonist Victor and his corruption of the Romantic vision of the imagination with Rational Ideals. This is evident in the lines when Victor imagines, “I should pour a torrent of light into our dark world” (4) the vivid imagery and sharp contrast of black and white emphasises his motivations; he wants his achievements to be recognized, to be seen in the eyes of mankind as a powerful creator and bestow new knowledge onto the world. This compels him to violate the…



The Imagination has the ability connect an individual to natural worlds. In “Ode to a Nightingale,” the speaker John Keats longs to escape reality and to be in the world of the Nightingale. In stanza 3 he says, Away! away! for I will fly to thee…on the viewless wings of Poesy”. Personification emphasises the route of Keats escape into the Nightingale’s world; he undergoes an imaginative journey through constructing poetry, and although his dull brain perplexes and retards”, It is sufficient into transporting him into nature. He is able to imagine vividly his experiences of nature, The coming…


Expectations and anticipation about a certain event is influenced by representations of it. Botton’s use of conversational tone created by his evocative language to describe his hometown Hammersmith “an ominous steely grey sky” is juxtaposed with the previous summer in Londonbare feet slip from my shoes to caress the grass” his use of tactile imagery allows the readers to relate and engage with his current feelings of bleakness in the dreary weather and longing for escape into a better climate. His travels are catalysed by a brightly illustrated brochure… its cover displayed a row of palm trees…on…

John Martin (1789–1854), The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah (1852)

The poem Darkness By Lord Byron is not an ordinary and cliche representation of an “armageddon” instead, it is a representation of the future influenced by the composer’s experiences in July 1816. 1816 was the “year without a summer” due to the eruption of Mount Tambora cloaking parts of Europe with ash and cold darkness transforming the environment into a sombre landscape. This resulted in the prediction of the end of the world (July 18th) by an Italian Scientist, consequently causing, loss of religious faith and individuals to become disillusioned and uncertain about the future. Byron exaggerates his experiences in…

Cover by François Henri Galland


The empty straw in The Hollow Men, delineates the individual’s spiritually and emotionally void psyche. This notion is evident in the lines “We are the hollow men we are the stuffed men” the nihilistic tone and use of oxymoron depicts individuals as figures filled with straw; lacking substance and devoid of emotions or spiritual faith. Their lack of morality and individuality is further reinforced in the lines “We whisper… as wind in dry grass or rats feet over broken glass “ the auditory sound of wind is created through Eliot’s use of sibilance; wind symbolizes divinity, this…

by Julian Peters

The Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock, depicts the fragility and futility of the human existence through Prufrock’s anxious and uncertain thoughts. This notion is evident in the lines”There will be time to wonder Do i dare? and do i dare? Time to turn back and descend the stair” the rhyming syntax and rhetorical questions emulates Prufrock’s nervous thoughts and fear of being scrutinized. His anxious thoughts remind him of his mortality,“they will say how his hair is growing thin!… they will say but how his arms and legs are thin!” the ambiguity created through the repetition of “they” illustrate the irrationality…


Accessibility of Academia~ inspired by Ariel Bissett. I make videos too! Click here!

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